Vottovaara - Megapolis EP

(bassep007) Bass Star Records

Vottovaara - Megapolis EP - bassep007


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Vottovaara - Megapolis EP

Title:                   Megapolis EP
Artist:                     Vottovaara
Label:                     BassStar
Catalogue:             bassep004
Format:                  Digital Download / CDR
Genre:                    Experimental / Electronic
Release:                 2011 World Wide

 #             Name                          Time       Bpm

01 - Megapolis                         5:21      135
02 - Way of the samurai         7:59      135
03 - Abstract awareness        7:27      128
04 - Red lake                             7:10      121
" VOTTOVAARA, real name GarySun. I loved music since my childhood. In the early time till the beginning of 90th I was interested in everything: from classical music to TrashMetall. In every music style I found something making me mad in good way. In 1989 I've opened electronic music for myself and began to be a DJ. Since this time I started to destroy classical feeling of sound and work over it trying to do much more new, alternative direction. I had deep feelings to music full of synthesised sounds (not in a commercial version, deeper) and the psychedelic sounds. Till 2000 I was co-operated with many musicians, DJs and promoters. Also at that time I made music in the first free musical game editors. In 2003 I got to be one of organizers in «GrooveBoars» promo-group that was occupied making a rave parties in Moscow and Moscow Region, with the Techno and Progressive Trance as the basic musical style. Since then I started playing named Gary Y. I was playing at various events, even with other promo groups. In 2004 I wanted to make Psychedelic music so much that in the beginning of summer I had organized a «Tie-VOTE Team» promo group in the style sound like Psychedelic Trance. Since then I had been known as GarySun. And also besides I played Chill Out music, where the classical Psy sounding was the most preference way to play. And when I got enough experience in it I began to experiment in other ways, transforming them to Chill Out music. It is difficult now to tell what the music styles was used, basically it was like DarkAmbient..IDM..Noise..Obscuro..Psy..Goa..BitTempo, etc. At the end of 2007 I was fed up playing music of other musicians and after visiting the Altai mountainsan (great ezoteric place in Russia) I has begun my own music career. In the beginning of 2008 I has founded JUAMWEZI project ( And by the end of 2008, after visiting Kareliya - another place in Russia where was a Giperboreja ( if believe the legends), I has also founded a VOTTOVAARA project. I used to make faster psychodelic sound in. This stuff wasn’t made for the big audience, it is not the commercial music. Every track is individual, and feeling of it depends on a place, time and, certainly, mood. Thanks to everyone who supports me, thanks to all of you! I continue to create! I wish you to have a pleasant listening! BOOM!"



BasStar Records formed in summer of 2007 and is focused primarily on breaks, dub step, electro house and down tekno grooves. Expect lots of wild unpredictable new cuts coming from this phatty side project from Geomagnetic Records Label Group. was established in the summer of 2001. Their first major international release is the legendary DVD project “MAGNUS” geodvd001. Since then they have added 30 label artists and have multitudes of projects in the works for 2006 and beyond. Based in San Francisco and focusing mostly on visual and music related projects, you can expect to see lots more cutting edge releases on the way from this award winning crew! was started by Spook one of the founders of the prominent San Francisco 3D FX and Multimedia boutique known as Minds Eye Media (est.1995). 

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