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Random - Visitors

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Random - Visitors Digicd023

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Random - Visitors [DIGICD023] Digital Drugs Coalition/DarkStar/


Digital Drugs Coalition is excited to present the 3rd album written by USA native psy-trance legend Random aka Ross DuBois. “Visitors” is a collection of 10 humongous collaborations, each track co-produced along with a wild bunch of couch surfers, housemates, legends, hero’s and fellow world traveling musical freaks who’ve visited the laboratory of Random over the last 8 years. Each song feels and sounds fully influenced and infused with ideas of each artist together with Random to create tracks with the truest Psychedelic Trance core and direction possible. No specific style can be labelled onto the entire album together but the songs mostly represent the darker, faster and more twisted direction and style of Random. Woven together this historical storyline of visitors ramps in tempo from 145bpm to 150bpm managing to gain in intensity and speed with a graceful force that will hold the listener until the astounding conclusion. Finally this highly sought after album is available and ready to be unleashed on global dance floors!

Title:       Visitors 
Artist:      Random               
Label:     Digital Drugs Coalition      
Catalogue:            DIGICD023          
Format:  2-Panel Booklet Jewel CD               
Barcode:                881034889690   
Release:               October 2012 World Wide


01 - Random, Twitterpate- Minds or Brains [D# 145]
02 - Random, Southwild – Moon Wrecks [D# 145]
03 - Random, Konflux  – F.F. Selectaas [D# 146]
04 - Random, Chromatone – Robot Sentries [A 147]
05 - Random, Shiva Jorg – Crazy BPMs [F 148]
06 - Random, Mubali - Mass Conditions [D# 148]
07 - Random, Helios, Mubali, Iguana, Bird of Prey - After Party Trains [D 148]
08 - Random, Bird of Prey - Electronic Interactions [D 149]
09 - Random, Bodhisatva 13.20 - Dimensional Entities [E 149]
10 - Random, Iguana - Alien Crafts [G 150]

Artist Profile:

Label Profile:
Digital Drugs Coalition is a union of psychedelic trance artists from around the globe who believe that digital art + music are the purest form of getting high. Expect unique, fresh + truly out of this world productions from this hot posse!!

Darkstar is the sub-label of Geomagnetic that focuses on the Darker, Night time music, with hard and experimental styles. was established in the summer of 2001 by Dr. Spook one of the founders of the prominent San Francisco 3D FX and Multimedia boutique known as Minds Eye Media (est.1995).

Written and Produced by: Ross Du Bois
Mastered by: Ross DuBois
Artwork by Ross DuBois
Distribution by Beatspace & Geomagnetic Distribution
(p) and ©


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