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:::Dubstep Meditations by Dj Ripple [fmrcd003]:::

Dubstep Meditations by DJ Ripple - FMRCD003 

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V/A “Dubstep Meditations” by DJ Ripple – (fmrcd003) Full Melt Records

Dubstep Meditations contains 10 unmixed, dj friendly tracks by International Headlining dubstep and grime producers with the theme of “Medicinal Bass”. Get ready for an eclectic collection of the psychedelic, meditative, experimental & ethnic flavour of the best of the worldwide dubstep movement. To make sure the selections are impeccable, DJ Ripple has personally given each track a serious pounding at parties across the west coast and USA. From the rich and tribal artistry of Emu with his hypnotic and addictive opener “Krishna Dub” you instantly know you are in for a truly top shelf experience. Next we experience “Gham Dub” literally seep into our pores as this instant hit by Echo Wanderer reaches out and swirls around you starting at your feet and gyrating its way up your pelvis. Putting a spring in your step wAgAwAgA all the way from the Emerald Isle of dear old Ireland delivers the “Pitjantjatjara Dub” that he is fast becoming famous for across Europe. This next track in a whole other world, “Different Ting” by DJ Ripple, the founder of Full Melt recordings, the quintessential San Francisco based Dubstep label is one of the key stateside originators of the sound and this track continues this momentum like a locomotive. “That Girl” by Excision from Canada proves that you need to keep an ear out for the northern lights crew in the top parts of North America, “Erased” by I Wannabe from Usa blasts you into a trancesendent state clearing your mind of everything leaving only bliss, “Tricycle” by Pacheko from Brazil rides around your brain like a kid on a play ground, “Samsara” by Zookeeper & Helatrobus from Usa delivers a unique and genre defying experience you wont forget, “Bura” by Djunya from Usa who is a fixture of the San Francisco scene presents to us deep ethnic stylings and heady atmospherics that create the soundtrack to your mind. He has numerous vinyl releases, including recent tracks on JuJu's NarcoHz label. And finally, last but not least Strom by The Lonely Schizo from Russia is a sweet and moody serenade that sounds like its soaring across the forests and rocky mountains of the distant wilderness yet equally and abruptly delivers you back in your urban utopian wasteland until next time!

Label Profile: 
Full Melt Recordings is a San Francisco, California based label specializing in Dubstep music. Next level production and cutting edge bass lines are combined to create serious dancefloor energy.This is music designed for sound systems, this is the future of music.

Title: Dubstep Meditations
Artist: V/A by DJ Ripple
Label: Full Melt Records
Catalogue: FMRCD003
Format: 4-Panel Jewel Case Audio CD
Barcode: 881034378194
Release: April 20th 2010 World Wide

01 - Emu - Krishna Dub 
02 - Echo Wanderer - Gham Dub 
03 - wAgAwAgA - Pitjantjatjara Dub 
04 - Ripple - Different Ting 
05 - Excision - That Girl 
06 - I Wannabe - Erased 
07 - Pacheko - Tricycle 
08 - Zookeeper & Helatrobus - Samsara 
09 - Djunya - Bura 
10 - The Lonely Schizo – Strom

Compiled by: DJ Ripple (San Francisco) 
Mastered by: Sam Johns @ Precise Mastering (UK) 
Artwork by: Stereohype and Layout by: L. Stoll 
Distribution by: |

Released by: Full Melt Recordings 
Release/catalogue number: fmrcd003 




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