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Mystical System – Mystical World EP
Geomagnetic Records is proud to present the “Mystical World EP” by Mystical System.
Behind the project Mystical System is To-Ze aka Electronic Concept. In 2010 Mystical System project was created
based on his musical Inspiration. Stay tuned with the new musical creativity that identifies him.

Amplify – Rock It EP
Geomagnetic Records is proud to present the newest EP of AMPLIFY "Rock-It".
The well known mind behind AMPLIFY is Andrew Olavarrieta ex-former member of the world known project Delysid.

Viber- Sound Of Dream EP
Geomagnetic Records is proud to present the “Sound of Dream EP” by Viber. Viber is Serbian project by Marko Adamovic,born in Smederevo. In 2006 influenced by many great artist, he felt the need to begin to make his own tracks, mixing sound and melodies, he managed to make melodic psychedelic trance.

Biokinetix – Origin EP
Geomagnetic Records is proud to present the “Origin EP” by Biokinetix and friends Biokinetix is the hottest new presence from the French Underground trance Resistance.

X-Team – Phobos EP
Geomagnetic Records is proud to present the “Phobos EP” from Russian DJ and producer Larichev Alexander, also well known as X-Team and also new project DEEPLOOK. 
Charged by inspiration from psychedelic, techno and progressive he forms new vision and new look at trance music, which creates his own style - Deeplook.
Alex names this style as progressive full-on trance.


Cortex VS Jaws Underground – Psychick
Geomagnetic presents “Psychick” a collaboration ep from Cortex and Jaws Underground.

Frost Raven - Points Of Intrest EP
Geoep024 present a new ep of remixes for the song “Points of Intrest” by Frost Raven

Sanathana - Spiritual Awakening EP
Geoep023 presents “Spiritual Awakening” from SANATHANA (Swaroop Guhathakurta) an EDM / IDM music producer from India, specialising in: Psytrance / Dub / Fusion / Ambient / Psybient / DnB / Experimental Electronica and more.

Sulima – On Mars EP
Geomagnetic presents “On Mars” from Sulima a much respected Moscow based psychedelic trance producer,  hailed as one of the best to ever come out of Russia.
He is one of the artists behind the renowned duo Manifold,  as well as one of the most skilled audio engineers in Moscow.

Smoke Sign – Out of Body EP
Geomagnetic presents the new ep “Out of Body” from Smoke Sign, the Progressive project of Kristofer Mosher (PsychoActive) from Eugene Oregon, USA.

Distant Touch – The Mainframe EP
Geomagnetic presents “The Mainframe” from Distant Touch, 26 year old Ashley MacLaughlin, a British born trance producer and DJ living in Cape Town, South Africa. Ashley's production and DJ style is a mixture of progressive to full-on melodic daytime through to full-on twisted, mind-bending night time psychedelic trance.

Essex – Side Effect EP
Geomagnetic presents “Side Effect” the new ep from Essex, Nikola Peric (Essex) born in 1987 in Belgrade, Serbia.

Deeplook – Fe5tival EP
Geomagnetic presents “Fe5tival” from Deeplook, the talented Russian DJ and producer Larichev Alexander, also well known as X-Team
Deeplook is a fusion of progressive, trance, techno and psychedelic. Prepare for new look on full-on music and be ready to go deep down into it. Geomagnetic Family is proud to present you 3 new tracks from this promising project. This EP includes three original tracks - Save the Children, Fe5tival and TV Cast.
Polypheme - To The Remixes EP
Geomagnetic presents “To The Remixes” from French Full on Project Polypheme, this EP features remixes by Polypheme of the artists Block Devise, Sine Die, plus a remix of his song “To The Record” done by DSP and a song under his progressive project name Cristo Disto.

Artsense – Evolution Factor EP
Geomagnetic presents “Evolution Factor” the new ep from Russian Psychedelic trance producer Artsense, Three original tracks Carousel, Kickin’ Hard,. And Evolution Factor.

GOE - Adrenaline Rush EP
GOE aka Lukas Keller (Switzerland) together with leading psytrance label Geomagnetic are proud to present the next level of dance music sensation! Adrenaline Rush EP contains 5 exclusive new tracks from one of the leading Psytrance producers haling from Switzerland, a key center point of activity in the World Wide Psy Movement. Prepare to blast off for an explosion of energy for any dance floor!

Faradize – Psycho Therapy EP
Geomagnetic presents “Psycho Therapy” the new ep from Faradize (Maxim Kucher), born in Russia and currently resides in Beer-Sheva, the capital of the Israeli full-on scene. Faradize is a study in contrasts, combining morning melodies, dark atmospheres, tribal sounds, and acoustic elements into a sizzling psychoactive brew destined to ignite dance floors around the world.

Ganesha – Digital Paradise EP
Geomagnetic presents “Digital Paradise” the new ep from Ganesha (Makarenko Boris) a new project from Russia (Moscow). His music has the most powerful and mysterious sounds that brings dancefloor to euphoria and make everyone move through the cosmic sounds of universe.

Dr Hoffman – Riding On EP
Geomagnetic presents “Riding On” the new ep from Dr. Hoffman from Mexico, here are two tracks set to burn the dance floor.

Prosonik – Shanti EP
Geomagnetic presents “Shanti” the new ep from Prosonik aka Sebastian Gomez, an artist born in Rosario, Argentina.



Frost Raven – Body Snatchers EP (GEOEP010)                           
Tuk – Power of the Soul EP (GEOEP009)                                       
01-N VS Auroride – Twice Twisted  EP (GEOEP008)                  
Psilocybian – Magic Party EP (GEOEP007)                                    
Man Machine – Persistence EP (GEOEP006)                               
Meteor Burn - Hammer EP (GEOEP005)                                        
Unknown Source - Steamroller EP (GEOEP004)                         
Plane Walker – Psychic Evolution EP (GEOEP003)                    
Biokinetix – I2D2 EP (GEOEP002)                                                     
01-N Altered State of Consciousness EP (GEOEP001)             

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