Distant Touch - The Mainframe EP

(geoep020) Geomagnetic Records

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Distant Touch - The Mainframe EP - geoep020  

More Info:

Distant Touch – The Mainframe EP


Title:                      The Mainframe EP

Artist:                    Distant Touch

Label:                     Morningstar/ 

Catalogue:             GEOEP020            

Format:                  Digital Download / CDR

Genre:                    Progressive / Psy / Trance / Techno / Full-on

Release:                 2011 World Wide   


#              Name                                                      Time       Bpm


1. Shadow Fighter                                                   8:06         140                         

2. The Mainframe                                                   7:51         140                         

3. Electronic Countermeasure                                 8:08         145

4. Dawn Of The Decepticons                                 7:56         145

5. vs Rubix Qube - The Great Cape Escape           6:03         145


All tracks written, produced and engineered by Ashley MacLaughlin apart from track 5, written, produced and engineered by Kieron Grieve and Ashley MacLaughlin.


Track 1 contains vocal excerpt from movie "In The Valley of Elah"

Track 3 contains vocal excerpt from movie "Burn After Reading"

Track 4 contains vocal excerpt from movie "Transformers 2"

Track 5 contains vocal excerpt from movie "Rendition"




Distant Touch is 26 year old Ashley MacLaughlin, a British born trance producer and DJ living in Cape Town, South Africa. Ashley's production and DJ style is a mixture of progressive to full-on melodic daytime through to full-on twisted, mind-bending night time psychedelic trance. His musical background began at the age of 8 when he started to learn to play the guitar. At the age of 17 he was playing trance in London clubs and small squat parties and started to write his own music in 2004 at the age of 19. Since moving to South Africa in January 2009 he has performed both live sets and DJ sets regularly at various parties including The Village, Cryptic Symmetry, regular guest slots at Psynopticz amongst others, as well as returning back home within that time to play at parties in his home country. He has shared the stage alongside some of the premier acts in the global scene including Talamasca, Shift, John Phantasm, Hydraglyph, Biorhythm, Slug, Xatrik and Dejavoo as well as playing various back to back DJ sets with some of the biggest trance DJs in the UK and South Africa including Kristian, Libra 9 and Rubix Qube. Ashley has also worked with various influencial producers on a number of collaborations both in the UK and South Africa and has various side projects also currently gathering momentum.The forthcoming year is looking especially bright with a number of festival bookings confirmed in both Europe and Africa.




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Label Profile:


Goa Records is a new label founded in 2006 based in California/USA. Focused on finding the very best of the worlds leading psy-trance and goa-trance hits and compiling these into a highly commercialized package suitable for mainstream distribution outlets. Expect a steady stream of high quality, cutting edge releases from this already amazingly popular new label.


Morningstar, division of Geomagnetic Records. Uplifting, melodic, full-on, progressive and perfect for those ecstatic moments of sunshine and awakening, we know you want to be carried on a cloud of feel-good grooviness as you welcome the morning light! was established in the summer of 2001 by Dr. Spook one of the founders of the prominent San Francisco 3D FX and Multimedia boutique known as Minds Eye Media (est.1995).




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