(Stimulating & Emotional Electronic Dance Music)

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Now available in CD in shops around the world + Soon in Digital format at all major sites.

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Ovnimoon Records (Chile/USA) Proudly Presents:



Psilocybian - Wry Fignments - OVNICD006

Psilocybian aka  Saša Dukić  presents his debut album packed with deep and cosmic party music fusing elements of progressive, psychedelic, goa and lots of magic. Feel your self swept away on a mystic carpet ride of pleasure delight and some scary monsters who end up being your inner demons unleashed combine to become party beasts now tamed by the melodies! All tracks written and produced by Psilocybian aka  Saša Dukić except “Neon Noodle - Blue Eagle” Stjepan Vulinović & Saša Dukić.



Ovnimoon - Signals From The Surface - The Essential Collection - OVNICD005

Hector Stuardo is the legendary Ovnimoon from Chile presents a special essential collection of his most memorable tracks that till now were only available as the original versions.



The Return of Quetzalcoatl -  v/a by Ovnimoon & Doctor Spook - OVNICD004

Through this audio message and transcendental trip through space, time and the inner realms of consciousness. We return to the ways of harmony, balance, peace and prosperity.



Man Machine – Reintegrate - Ovnicd003

Miroslav aka ManMachine hailing from Serbia, the hot bed of cutting edge European dance music blasts forth the new hit release: Reintegrate, a true theme album uniquely blending progressive techno and deep psychedelic full-on trance. 


Montemapu Festival – v/a compiled by Ovnimoon - Ovnicd001-002

MONTEMAPU (Save the Earth)"Written in Mapudungun, language native to Chile, the Mapuche tribe or as named by the Spanish Araucanian " This name was founded with the purpose of raising awareness of the problem that exists right  now in the world.