Via Axis - Expressions Of One
(ovnicd016) Ovnimoon Records

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Via Axis - Expressions Of One - OVNICD016

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Title:                Expression Of One
Artist:             Via Axis
Label:              Ovnimoon Records, sub of Goa rec
Catalogue:       OVNICD016
Format:            2 Panel Jewel Case CD / DDL
Barcode:          881034501516
Release:          August 2011


01 - El Origen
02 - Vilca Spirit
03 - Tryptamine Dimensions
04 - The 4th State
05 - Melt Into The Green
06 - Depths of The Unknown
07 - The Beyond Within (Live Edit)
08 - Terra (Bratex + ViaAxis) - Fractal Journey (Via Axis Remix)

Release Notes:

Ovnimoon Records is excited to present the long awaited debut album of Brazilian producer VIA AXIS aka Rafael Corrales. For many years Via Axis tracks have been highly sought after dance floor gems. Having worked on such hit songs as “Galactic Mantra” and “U R God” with Chilean psy artist Ovnimoon plus making his own solo creations his skills are honed. Now with his all new set of highly refined, finely tuned mind mending melodies the results of intense production energy is finally unleashed! The tracks tell a powerful and emotional story that manages to evoke clear imagery and vivid vistas within the mind and evoke pure and uplifting energy channelled directly to your spiritual core! Don’t take our word for it… dive into this delicious nutrition for your soul! Rarely are we treated to such a spectrum of unbridled expression. Prepare for the EXPRESSION of ONE. Right from the starting gate the first track defines the gateway. Via Axis completes the journey with an incredible remix of Terra (aka Via Axis vs Bratex) provocative and engaging closer “Fractal Journey”, a fitting conclusion for this epic adventure! Get ready to become deeply connected to the Via Axis.

Artist Profiles:  
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Tracks appear on:
- Ovnimoon - Family of Light [Synergetic Records] – "U R God" (with Ovnimoon) [Nov. 2008]
- VA - Goa Culture Vol.1 [YSE] – "U R God" (with Ovnimoon) [May. 2009]
- VA - Revolve Magazine Summer 2009 – "Galactic Mantra" (with Ovnimoon & Itom Lab) [Jun. 2009]
- VA - Goa Moon Vol. 2.1 [Goa Records] – "New Spaces" [Jul. 2009]
- Ovnimoon - Geometric Poetry [IONO Music] – "Galactic Mantra" (with Ovnimoon & Itom Lab) [Aug. 2009]
- VA - Dimension [Sony Music Entertainment (Germany)] – “Galactic Mantra (Edit 09)” (with     Ovnimoon & Itom Lab) [Feb. 2010]
- VA - Montemapu Festival [Ovnimoon Records] – “The Beyond Within” [Apr. 2010]
- Ovnimoon – Signals from the Surface [Ovnimoon Records] – “U R God (2010 Remix)” [Jul. 2010]
- Ovnimoon - Magnetic Portal  [Ovnimoon Records 2011] – “Galactic Mantra (2011mix)”

Label Profile:

Ovnimoon Records is a new label founded in 2010 based in Chile as an independent sub-label of Goa Records. Ovnimoon is the visionary producer whose name sake the label was based upon. All the music released with this imprint has passed his approval as true high quality gems of psychedelic goa trance. Expect only the top shelf selections worthy of the best collections and praised by the most noteworthy DJs in the world.


Goa Records is now a well established label founded in 2006 based in California/USA. Focused on finding the very best of the worlds leading psy-trance and goa-trance hits and compiling these into a highly commercialized package suitable for mainstream distribution outlets. Expect a steady stream of high quality, cutting edge releases from this already amazingly popular new label.

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