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The Dude - Taboo [pwrcd009]

The Dude - Taboo - pwrcd009

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The Dude - Taboo [pwrcd009] (Power House Records)

Title:                Taboo 
Artist:              The Dude        
Label:              Power House Records
Catalogue:       Pwrcd009       
Format:            Jewel Case 2 panel CD          
Barcode:          881034110435           
Release:          2013   


01 - Bruxarias
02 - Obsession
03 - Thinking Different (feat. Simply Wave)
04 - Pick - And Your Mama Told U (The Dude Remix)
05 - Mania
06 - Fofocas
07 - Minimal Criminal - Apollyon (The Dude Remix)
08 - D Juncky
09 - Paganism
10 - Social Conventions

            RELEASE NOTES

Power House is proud to present Taboo, debut full Prog Psy album by The Dude. Containing 10 tracks including 2 remixes to songs by Pick & Minimal Criminal plus one great collaboration track with Simply Wave. The name of the album, "TABOO" comes from the belief that this is not another regular trance album. In this album you can find some different styles of writing from deep psy-gressive tunes to smashing melodic morning trance. Every track has different bpm’s, different kick and bass, different notes and different energy while the connection and inspiration of all album tracks comes from two words Psychedelic Trance. "The DUDE" is a fresh deep psychedelic progressive trance project by Edi Alterman. Edi has produced trance music since 1999 and this progressive project comes after years of music production. He released 4 digital Ep’s in 2012 and had tracks on great compilations, with massive collaborations and official remixes to some of the top progressive trance artists plus compiling the high quality V/A called Shantez for Utopia Records. With a unique style, the main goal of The Dude is to bring deep music for dance floor and for your mind. Enjoy!

Power House Records specializes in Progressive, Trance Electro and all sorts of Powerful “House” Music expect to see innovative and cutting edge releases pumping out of this super blasting EDM label with offices in both Germany and California, two of the most well-known capitals of Techno House Music. Power House Records produces releases on Vinyl, Digital EPs, DJ mixable CDs, and exclusive digital singles. PHR (Power House Records) has a worldwide distribution network and is most known for its white label releases that have sold like hot cakes every time they surface. The world is ready for house music with more power and a special Euro-American twist to give it new life. Power House Records is this new blood to PUMP IT UP!
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