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Cosmic Progressions 2CD by Mental Flow [pwrcd020]
(Power House Records)

Cosmic Progressions 2CD by Mental Flow - pwrcd020

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Cosmic Progressions 2CD by Mental Flow [pwrcd020] (Power House Records)  
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Title: Cosmic Progressions       
Artist: v/a by Mental Flow        
Label: Power House Records  
Catalogue: Pwrcd020  
Format: 2CD Jewel Case 2 panel CD  
Barcode: 881034152367        
Release: Nov 2013      


Disc 1
01 - Mental Flow - Ship Of Mind
02 - Lupin, Axer, Shabot - Encuentros
03 - Lightsphere - The State Of Vibration
04 - Elegy - Cosmic Portal
05 - Sickboy - We Are A Psy Family
06 - Ascent - Strange Place
07 - Shogan - Northern Lights
08 - Sensogram - Far Out
09 - Electit - Outdoor
10 - Quantica - The Butterfly Effect

Disc 2
01 - Solar Spectrum - Universe
02 - Necton - The Hopi Prophecy
03 - Lupin - Musicologia (20X Remix)
04 - Beatspy - Hypnotism Vortex
05 - Labyr1nth - Source Energy
06 - Trinodia - Rusty Rites
07 - Clean Noise - After a while
08 - Gajah - Gate of Antares
09 - Samas - Ancient Knowledge
10 - Chitoon - Ooung


Power House returns to the source with Cosmic Progressions by Mental Flow a 2CD experience you will never forget! With this galactic class cruise you will be treated to the maiden voyage of a lifetime as the most celebrated and uniquely qualified space pilots each take the helm of this deep space explorer. With the first session your higher self is fully activated and your chakras are tuned up and set forth in the Ship Of Mind. The next phase you Encounter your shaman animal and bind it with your spirit being. As you attain this higher State Of Vibration, Opening the Cosmic Portal you are greeted by transparent glowing ghost like beings. They welcome you and proclaim that We Are A Psy Family! While it is a Strange Place the beauty and grandeur of the Northern Lights is Far Out! Outdoors, like The Butter Fly Effect your consciousness expands into the Universe! The Hopi Prophecy foretold the entrance of the next level of reality. The keys are in the Musicolgia as it creates a Hynotism Vortex. Pouring forth through your very soul is the bountiful Source Energy! Following the Rusty Rites, After a while, your reach the Gate Of Antares and receive the Ancient Knowledge from a ball of glowing energy that calls itself Ooung. Ask anything you desire to know... The knowledge will be revealed!  Twenty Galactic Keys of Sonic Euphoric Enlightenment are channeled to you in the blink of your eyes as your mouse mysteriously hovers and clicks on the buy button ordering a copy of this marvelous two and a half hour plus kinetic audio meditation composed in the key of Progressive Psychedelic Goa Trance. This highly enrolling collection of masterful songs effortlessly traverses many styles within the genre and treat you the best of the best producers delivering many brand new unreleased tracks that were create just for this thematic soundscape. Mental Flow began the quest and joined forces with Doctor Spook, Ovnimoon and Random to glean the most effective methods possible for this purpose. With a top world class engineering team mastering the compilation and original visionary art created by Justin Totemical this collector’s edition release will forever be treasured as a marvelous addition to your most prized music collection.

Early 2012.. the mental fusion was complete ...a new flow pervades the psychedelic universe...  Mental Flow was born !! Zat & Sisma after many years spent to playing psychedelic styles, decide to create their own progressive live act. Through amazing atmospheres and psychedelics rhythms, their explores every shade of the modern trance music, creating a unique style with explosive progressive grooves and epic melodic elements that guaranteed to shake every dance floor !!!
In the August 2012 Mental Flow is ready to release the first ep called Spring Back for Ovnimoon Records that collecting a good success.
After that follow many other release with: Power House, Ovnimoon, Goa Records, Geomagnetic, Synergetic, Digital Nature, On Music and more.

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