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Progressive Power House v.2 2CD by Dr. Spook & Random [pwrcd022]
(Power House Records)

Progressive Power House v.2 2CD by Dr. Spook & Random - pwrcd022

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Progressive Power House v.2 2CD
by Dr. Spook & Random

[pwrcd022](Power House Records)  
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Title: Progressive Power House v.2      
Artist: v/a by Dr. Spook & Random     
Label: Power House Records  
Catalogue: Pwrcd022  
Format: 2CD Jewel Case 2 panel CD  
Barcode: 881034111210        
Release: Nov 2013      


Disc 1
01 - Subtap - Winter
02 - Lost Shaman - Touch of Paradise
03 - Mental Flow - Darkness (Datacult, Meller Remix)
04 - Side Winder - Faith (Electit Remix)
05 - Lupin - Illusionarium (Flucturion 2.0 remix)
06 - Sixsense - Over Site
07 - Monolock – Sick, Kick, Melody (Illegal Substances Remix)
08 - Unseen Dimensions & Shake - I Like It Too
09 - Mad Robots - Harlem Trance (Sound Device Remix)
10 - Philter - Electric Eyes (Agent Kritsek Remix)
11 - GEO - Race to the Moon

Disc 2
01 - Hypercube - Can u Feel This
02 - Source Code, Enarxis - From Greece To Serbia With Love
03 - Altea & Physis - Future Life
04 - Digital Hippies - Frequencies (Goosebumps Remix)
05 - Sasek - Rhythms
06 - Elepho - Syn-Phonic
07 - Polyamoris - Tri-Finity
08 - Hippy Cat - Timed Out
09 - Angoscia - Fallout (2013 Re-Work)
10 - Mario Tomich - Sky is Over
11 - Adrian Feder feat Harmony - Silence


Progressive Power House v.2 celebrates its 22nd mind blowing CD release with this special edition 2CD set packed with the world’s leading progressive dance floor engineers. Compiled by Dr. Spook & Random, two of the world’s leading psy-selectors always spot on consistently delivering chart-topping hits! With 22 especially composed, energy infused, technical masterpieces created by 33 specialized masterminds from deep within their finely tuned production portals hidden away in top-secret bunkers. With such a high regard for quality and precision no doubt coming from the labels German roots you can expect only the best results. This time the bar has been pushed very far and you will agree since the pedigree of the performers speaks for itself. Each of these producers is a world-trotting super DJ with excessive and prolific fans clamouring for each of their newest productions. From beginning of CD1 till the final track on CD2 you are swept away by the unstoppable rhythms are undulating you’re pelvis and lubricating your spinal column till the melodic and uplifting vibes sends you on an Acid Line Odyssey as the resounding bass-kick pumps you full of pleasure! Getting right to the fun with USA based Subtap aka Frost Raven (aka K Theory) propels us with a wicked psychedelic progressive house pumper. Lost Shaman takes to the edge of Paradise when Mental Flow drops you deep into Darkness but don’t worry, Datacult cofounder of the Meller project keeps things bright and groovy until Side Winder remixed by French wizard Electit gives you the Faith to keep dancing with its powerful synth and psychedelic bass. Lupin and Flucturion 2.0 invite you to the Illusionarium as your wildest fantasy comes true on the dance floor! Sixsense reminds you of your Over Site while Monolock brings you back to Earth with a Sick, Kick, Melody that gets drenched in Illegal Substances. Unseen Dimension and Shake’s anthem really explains why everyone likes to get together when things get disrupted by Mad Robots, it seems their Sound Device is getting remodulated! Philter lends a hand with his Electric Eyes while Agent Kritsek discovers a clue! GEO is on a Race To the Moon! That leads us to CD2 where Hypercube has already begun the experiment and asks us all Can You Feel This? The hot new acts making big waves Source Code & Enarxis remind us all to feel some Love. Altea & Physis describe the Future Life. Digital Hippies emit Frequencies that give you the Goosebumps! Sasek’s Rhythms add to the fun! Elepho gets Syn-Phonic while Polyamoris has a ménage a trois with Tri-Finity. More top Hippy Cat action who calls a Time Out until Angoscia tells us the Fallout is reworked! Mario Tomich aka Zardobski tells us the Sky is Over and Adrian Feder with Harmony sings us a sweet lullaby called Silence.

Power House Records specializes in Progressive, Trance Electro and all sorts of Powerful “House” Music, expect to see innovative and cutting edge releases pumping out of this super blasting EDM. The world is ready for house music with more power and a special Euro-American twist to give it new life. Power House Records is this new blood to PUMP IT UP!
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