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Synergic - Slow, Deep & Hypnotic [pwrcd030]
(Power House Records)

Synergic - Slow, Deep & Hypnotic - pwrcd030

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Synergic - Slow, Deep & Hypnotic [pwrcd030] - (Power House Records)  
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Title: Slow, Deep & Hypnotic
Artist: Synergic
Label: Power House Records
Genre: Progressive PsyTrance
Catalogue: PWRCD030
Format: 2 Panel Jewel Case 1CD
Barcode: 881034133304
Release: May 2014

1 - Synergic - From The Deep (Deep Dive Remix)
2 - Synergic - Soil Compactors
3 - Synergic - Be Water
4 - Synergic - When The Shadow Meets The Sea
5 - Micro Machines - Mind Control (Synergic Remix)
6 - Frog Prog - Psytraveller (Synergic Remix)
7 - Synergic - Oxymoron
8 - Synergic - Equally
9 - Synergic, Micro Machines - A New Life

Release Notes:

Power House has the esteemed honor of presenting the long awaited return of Synergic, the German Progressive Goa Trance master production engineers well known for intense mystical out of body dance music experiences! Mankind knows that there is more than the hidden controllers lead us to believe. Each night our dreams of flying out of our body feel so natural that the truth is we are born to soar! With this new album titled “Slow, Deep & Hypnotic” your mind will be healed with soothing subliminal messages that encourage you to effortlessly activate your light body and all of the chakras that are harmonic components to the holographic energy sphere you are ultimately composed of on this physical plane. While the never ending grind of the “real” world ceases to become a concern overwhelmed by the constant pumping throb of the hypnotic bass-line, and delivered to a deeper state of consciousness by the insistent percussion and playful synths swirling through your cerebral cortex. Suddenly from the depths of your mind, the pineal gland is tickled into action as you realize the profound implications that are occurring. Natural reservoirs of DMT spontaneously are supplied as you convulse and writhe with other worldly delight! You are the Alien! (We all are). You are a direct projection of the universe made manifest into flesh and blood! Get ready for a very special album and message! Here you will find a rare blend of progressive PSY-trance following the philosophy "non standard music for non standard people!" Synergic are Torgen Eismann & Benjamin Neiss from Germany. Never being afraid of trying something new and staying clear of many current-day overused trends, the two former heavy metal musicians create a symbiosis of melodic and emotional music for the body, spirit and mind. Slow, Deep & Hypnotic is a concept album, starting with 135bpm and rising up slowly to 140bpm. Intensive and pumping bass-lines combined with dreamy sound-layers and psychedelic fx sounds. Very progressive and hypnotic, at no point stressful music that is for dancing and dreaming equally. As a feature, there are two remixes and one cooperation track from the upcoming Artists "Micro Machines" & "Frog Prog". Responsible for the mastering and fat sound is Tim Schuldt from 4CN-Studios and plus there is the great cover artwork done by Giopsyart. This is definitely no standard release. Synergic – We make music for your spirit With their unique sound Synergic stand out of the mass and you will definitely hear more from this project in the future.

Power House has Proven to be the Perfect Provider of Premium Progressive! Power House Records specializes in Progressive, Trance, Electro and all sorts of Powerful “House” Music, expect to see innovative and cutting edge releases pumping out of this super blasting EDM label with offices in both Germany and California, two of the most well known capitals of Techno House Music. Power House Records produces releases on Vinyl, Digital EPs, DJ mix CDs, and exclusive digital singles. PHR (Power House Records) has a worldwide distribution network and is most known for its white label releases that have sold like hot cakes every time they surface. The world is ready for house music with more power and a special Euro-American twist to give it new life. Power House Records is this new blood to PUMP IT UP!

Written and Produced by: Torgen Eismann, Benjamin Neiss
Mastering: Tim Schuldt @
© Power House Records 2014, Published by Geomagnetic
Distribution by Psyshop & Geomagnetic Distribution
(p) and © Geomagnetic Records 


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