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Lost Shaman - Event Horizon [pwrcd031]
(Power House Records)

Lost Shaman - Event Horizon - pwrcd031

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Lost Shaman - Event Horizon [pwrcd031] - (Power House Records)   
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Title: Event Horizon
Artist: Lost Shaman 
Label: Power House Records
Genre: Progressive Trance           
Catalogue: PWRCD031    
Format: 2 Panel Jewel Case 1CD            
Barcode: 881034133311   
Release: June 2014           


01 - Lost Shaman - Little Miracle
02 - Lost Shaman - Facing a Jaguar
03 - Lost Shaman - Into Higher State
04 - Lost Shaman - Cosmic Entity
05 - Lost Shaman - Third Heaven
06 - Lost Shaman - Dig Deeper
07 - Lost Shaman - Event Horizon
08 - Lost Shaman - Cyanide
09 - Lost Shaman - Shwesandaw

Release Notes:

Power House searches far and wide to discover the most solid and amazing talent the world has ever encountered. With great humility and grace we are incredibly honoured to present the next enchanting chapter of the mystical quest of the intergalactic traveller known simply as LOST SHAMAN presenting a knew mystery to the world titled EVENT HORIZON.
Having sufficiently wandered planet earth for uncounted millennium the timeless voyager dubbed “Lost Shaman” looks to the stars and perceives an even deeper question. His new mission to explore the heavens transcends space itself embarking towards the edge of known reality in order to cross over the EVENT HORIZON. Effortlessly reaching out to touch the cosmos instantly creates a butterfly effect cascading outwardly across all planes of existence. Hurtling passed solar flares and asteroid fields, Super-Novas and Black Holes, the patterns of space reveal the same shapes found in all of nature. Spirals and pulse waves evoke the power of life manifesting in abundance even in the so called void of space. Quantum Foam is the new term for the overlapping energy of every single source in existence beaming in all directions simultaneously and perpetually. One teaspoon sized scoop of the vacuum of space is enough to power a whole planet for a thousand years if harnessed correctly. Space itself is a limitless power source and is by no means “empty”. The space between the beats harnesses your innate awareness to groove. The movement you spontaneously feel is the pulse wave of the universal essence of the harmony of life passing through you. Your soul automatically resonates and the dance is your way of expressing this resonance. Nikita Bykov aka Lost Shaman joyfully shares his heart felt creations of this audio escapade for you to enjoy and blissfully experience and hopes that what was lost will someday be found… Lost Shaman is now well known international touring live artist and dj and for having delivered many top quality and fully enlightened progressive psychedelic goa trance dance floor gems on Ovnimoon Rec, Goa Rec, Geomagnetic, Fresh Frequencies, EDM as well as a few magic chill escapes.

Power House has Proven to be the Perfect Provider of Premium Progressive! Power House Records specializes in Progressive, Trance, Electro and all sorts of Powerful “House” Music, expect to see innovative and cutting edge releases pumping out of this super blasting EDM label with offices in both Germany and California, two of the most well known capitals of Techno House Music. Power House Records produces releases on Vinyl, Digital EPs, DJ mix CDs, and exclusive digital singles. PHR (Power House Records) has a worldwide distribution network and is most known for its white label releases that have sold like hot cakes every time they surface. The world is ready for house music with more power and a special Euro-American twist to give it new life. Power House Records is this new blood to PUMP IT UP!

Written and Produced by: Nikita Bykov
Mastering: Hector Stuardo (Ovnimoon Studio Chile)
© Power House Records 2014, Published by Geomagnetic
Distribution by Psyshop & Geomagnetic Distribution
(p) and © Geomagnetic Records


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