(Full Power Hi Tech Electronic Dance Music)

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Now available in CD in shops around the world + in Digital format at all major sites.

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Spun Records (Ibiza/USA) Proudly Presents:




District 42 (Bamboo Forest and Massive ) - When Trance Meets Electro - Spuncd042

DISTRICT 42 aka Bamboo Forest & Massive is Stephen and Davina.With this new album both artists have fused their talents creating a next generation master piece of mixed style psychedelic electro trance.



Solar System - Must Be The Music - Spuncd038

Solar System is known for his unique & refreshing style comes out with an outstanding new album that represents the pinnacle of the new generation's accomplishments on none other than Spun Records.



Sonic Bloom Compiled By Mindstorm - Spuncd037

Mindstorm is back with a phat crop of freshly picked sonic produce. This summer’s bountiful harvest of juicy festival floor fillers will have you frolicking amidst the sunny party fields with your friends.



Animalis - Think Different - Spuncd040

Animalis aka Ilya Lazutkin is the top new Hi-Tech Electro Psytrance and Fullon producer from Russia who presents his highly praised all new 2nd album, “Think Different” with industry leaders, Spun Records.





Last Men Standing - From Zero To Hero - Spuncd036

Fusion psychedelic electro techno by Nyimo Nijman and Levin Karcher



End Game v/a Compiled by Kinesis - Spuncd035

Visionary Psytrance collection of more than 20 World Class international artists



Soundaholix - Soundaholix Anonymous - Spuncd034

GMS + Earthling presents there ground breaking collaboration from Ibiza



Back 2 The Future v/a Compiled by Mindstorm and Hos - Spuncd033

Logic Bomb, Earthling, Shanti, Poli, Animalis & more, the true leaders of the future sound of psytrance!



Spun On Earth DVD/CD v/a Mixed & Animated by Dr. Spook aka Mindstorm - Spuncd033

VJ Mix Magic SVJ-1. A SPUN FILLED VOYAGE OF THE EDGE OF REALITY AND BEYOND! 12 amazing 3D FX videos perfectly synched to the biggest hits! Each spectacular video abducts you on a SPUN filled journey into Dr. Spook's vivid and exotic  imagination set to a fusion of acid techno, deep tribal beats and progressive tunes known worldwide as “GOA” or “Psychedelic” Trance.