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“Last Men Standing  - From Zero to Hero” (2nd Album!)  Presented by: Spun Records


Title:         From Zero to Hero  

Artist:      Last Men Standing 

Label:      Spun Records        

Cat#:        SPUNCD036           

Format:    CD 2 Panel Jewel Case          

Barcode: 881034378217       

Release:  March 2010            




1 - Last Men Standing  - Special Sauce

2 - Last Men Standing  - Spanish Fly

3 - Shanti Matkin vs Atomic Pulse - Ball Buster  - (Last Men Standing rmx)

4 - Last Men Standing vs. Synchrom  - Electronics

5 – Poli - Cyber Storm  - (Last Men Standing rmx)

6 - Last Men Standing  - Spun Brain

7 - Last Men Standing  - I play My Music Loud

8 - Squarehead feat Xina - Stop Drop and Roll  - (Last Men Standing rmx)

9 - Last Men Standing vs. Freedom fighters. feat June Rashava  - Be Alive

10 - Helmut Kraft -  Ibiza people – (Last Men Standing rmx)




Last Men Standing and Spun Records proudly present a landmark achievement in fusion psychedelic electo techno trance. LMS are Nyimo Nijman and Levin Karcher  a dynamic duo who have skyrocketed to fame, fortune!


Nyimo Nijman who is known for his activity as Last Men Standing, also known as Magnasonic, was born 1987 in Amsterdam, Holland. He grew up with piano lessons and school music classes. His mother knew Riktam’s mother and his older brother knew Shanti and Riktam. Thus, Nyimo fell into the laps of the growling mad juveniles. Then he started visiting Ibiza every summer. Back and forth until he was seven. After which he continued going to school in Ibiza with his partner in crime Levin. It was there that he began Dj’ing with only 12 at the one of the most famous club, the Blue Rose. Since then he has been playing in clubs and parties around the Island. His great inspirations are the original crusaders GMS, Shanti, Buschman, Poli, Wrecked Machines.


Right after his Schooling with 16 bought a Pc and began producing sound. In 2004 Nyimo attended a school of sound engineering. With high-school friend Levin he built Bulldog Studios with a G5 and Logic Pro.


Levin Karcher was born in Germany in 1986 and moved to Ibiza in 1988. He started Dj'ing 2002 at the young age of 16. And was producing music a year later. In the beginning it was only a hobby, not as profession. He went to their and half year sound engineering school to further his passion. After which he Dj'd in France, Germany and Spain. He likes simple and progressive trance, but of high production value.


Levin has been a resident Dj at the Namaste trance events since 2001, at the full moon events /campo parties and was Dj’ing in 2005 at the Spunout In Ibiza events at Club Privilege.


Besides working on a new album the two youngsters are also working on several side projects. Namely Dub Dealers with ambient chill out vibrations and some new tunes in the minimal and electro department. Their careers have taken them form parties in Amsterdam to Barcelona and countless clubs in Ibiza like Eden. Sumuum, all Full Moon events and many other open air parties and Namaste.


Bulldog studios have shown themselves to be the promising new talents on the horizon of the prestigious Ibiza label. Courting and hosting huge numbers of guests these two have captivated the audience to new bring new highest not known before. Like GMS before them they have the power and technique to endure, amaze and translate frequencies into sound pleasure. These two kids are destined to become overlords of disco and dance, whatever direction the music style takes. They still make excellent trance, but now Last Men Standing has become the standard for the new electro sound and down tempo coming from Ibiza.




Label Profile: 


Spun Records was founded by Seth Hoffmann, Bradd Hosking & G.M.S. (Growling Mad Scientists) in 1999, specializing in full on psytrance/out door party sound. It was decided by Seth & G.M.S. in July 2002 to open a European branch of the label in Ibiza (Spain) to increase the amount of releases and popularity of the label worldwide. | |


CREDITS © Spun Rec

Distribution by Psyshop and GeoMagnetic Distribution


1. Special Sauce  - Last Men Standing W&P  by Nyimo Nijman & L. Kärcher

2. Spanish Fly - Last Men Standing W&P by Nyimo Nijman & Levin Kärcher

3. Ballbuster -  Shanti Matkin vs Atomic Pulse (Last Men Standing rmx)  W&P by Shanti Matkin & Tamir Ozana remix by Nyimo Nijman, L. Kärcher

4. Electronics - Last Men Standing vs. Synchrom W&P by Nyimo Nijman, Levin Kärcher & Jeronimo Roncati

5. Cyber Storm - Poli (Last Men Standing rmx) W&P by Austin Matkin remix by Nyimo Nijman, & Levin Kärcher

6. Spun Brain - Last Men Standing W&P by Nyimo Nijman, & Levin Kärcher

7. I Play My Music Loud - Last Men Standing  W&P by Nyimo Nijman, & Levin Kärcher

8. Stop Drop & Roll - Squarehead feat Xina (Last Men Standing rmx) W&P by Sebastian R. Komor vocals by Xina, Remix by Nyimo Nijman, & L. Kärcher

9. B Alive - Last Men Standing vs. Freedom fighters. feat June Rashava W&P by Nyimo Nijman, Levin Kärcher , Frederico Curado & Shahaf Efrat. Vocals by june rashava

10. Ibiza people -  Helmut Kraft (Last Men Standing rmx) W&P by Helmut Kraft Remixed by Nyimo Nijman & Levin Kärcher