OUT NOW!!! SONIC BLOOM v.a by Mindstorm (spuncd037) [Spun Rec]

SONIC BLOOM v.a by Mindstorm by spuncd037  

Now available in CD in shops around the world + Soon in Digital format !

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“Sonic Bloom V/a compiled by Mindstorm”  [spuncd037] Presented by: Spun Records


Title:         Sonic Bloom

Artist:      V/A compiled by Mindstorm

Label:      Spun Records

Cat#:        SPUNCD037

Format:    CD 2 Panel Jewel Case

UPC:        881034501189

Release:  June 2010




01 - DNA vs Injection - Basic Instinct

02 - Cyrus The Virus vs Dr. Hoffman - Joint Engineering

03 - Beat Hackers vs Michelle Adamson - When The Lights Go On (Vaktun vs Fractal Sound Rmx)

04 - District 42 (Bamboo Forest vs Massive) - Room 35

05 - G.M.S. vs Karan - Goan Mad (Cortex vs Brainbokka RMX)

06 - S.U.N. Project - Shanghaied To Paradise (Predators rmx)

07 - Animalis + Biotouch - Sun Of The Bass

08 - Solar System - Summer Rain

09 - X-Noize Vs Assi - 15000 Micrograms (DualCore Rmx)

10 - Dr.Hoffman vs Poli - Total Lunar Eclipse RMX

11 - Bratex vs Mindstorm - The Sun Will Always Shine




Spun Records presents SONIC BLOOM! Mindstorm aka Doctor Spook is back with a phat crop of freshly picked sonic produce. This summer’s bountiful harvest of juicey festival floor fillers will have you frolicking amidst the sunny fields with your friends. Featuring some of the top Psytrance-Fullon musicians in the world, this compilation is a fresh summers blast off into a world of Psychedelic splendour. Starting with the hard hitting and tweaky acid sounds of DNA and Injection where we realize our BASIC INSTINCT. Rolling up a bountiful spliff of this years harvest we puff into the psy-electro full-on sounds of Cyrus the Virus and Dr. Hoffman as the demonstrate a new level of JOINT ENGINEERING. But WHEN THE LIGHTS GO ON we are catapulted back to reality as we raise our energy level to the driving beats of this intense remix by Vaktun and Fractal Sound of the collaboration by world famous diva Michelle Adamson with the Beat Hackers. Soon after we realize we are deep inside ROOM 35 and find sweet escape while exploring the sounds of Bamboo Forest and Massive’s (half of Sirius Isness) new project – District 42 recently signed to Spun Records for the debut full length album coming this summer! Finally realizing that being stuck indoors all winter will drive you crazy, this leads us on our path to a powerful rendition of GMS and Koran’s seminal party favourite, GOAN MAD with a new remix from Cortex and Brainbokka. Soon after we are uplifted to new heights and SHANGHAIED TO PARADISE to the eclectic German techno sounds of S.U.N. Project with a Predators remix that activates and inspires everyone to new levels of awareness. Having escaped to the land of pleasure we are drenched in the SUN OF THE BASS with the rollicking and upbeat sounds of Animalis and Biotouch to give us a kick. We are transported back to our classic past with some rock n rolling party music from newly signed Spun artist Solar System delivering a deluge of SUMMER RAIN bringing down the beats for us to really have at on the dancefloor of life. But when we are given the magic 15,000 MICROGRAM dose by X-Noise and Assi with this blasting DualCore Remix that will open you up to the next level. Suddenly out of nowhere comes a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE as we experience the adventure of tripping our way home to Poli and Dr. Hoffman’s inevitable journey. This leads us to the emotional earth bound home of Bratex and Mindstorm which allows us to plant our seeds in a higher vibrational state of awareness and realize that THE SUN WILL ALWAYS SHINE!


Spun Records was founded by Seth Hoffmann, Bradd Hosking & G.M.S. (Growling Mad Scientists) in 1999, specializing in full on psytrance/out door party sound. It was decided by Seth & G.M.S. in July 2002 to open a European branch of the label in Ibiza (Spain) to increase the amount of releases and popularity of the label worldwide. Recently Spun opened a branch in San Francisco, the psychedelic capital of the USA.

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