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Geomagnetic Distribution Aug2010

Now available in CD in shops around the world + in Digital format at all major sites.

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Spun Records (Ibiza/USA) Proudly Presents Summer 2010 Releases:





Ovnimoon Records (Chile/USA) Proudly Presents Summer 2010 Releases:


Psyshop: Presents Summer 2010 Releases:





Goa Records Presents Summer 2010 Releases:





Digital Drugs Coalition Presents Summer 2010 Releases:






Spun Rec:


District 42 (Bamboo Forest and Massive of Sirius Isness) - When Trance Meets Electro - Spuncd042

DISTRICT 42 aka Bamboo Forest & Massive is Stephen and Davina.With this new album both artists have fused their talents creating a next generation master piece of mixed style psychedelic electro trance.


Animalis - Think Different - Spuncd040

Animalis aka Ilya Lazutkin is the top new Hi-Tech Electro Psytrance and Fullon producer from Russia who presents his highly praised all new 2nd album, “Think Different” with industry leaders, Spun Records.


Solar System - Must Be The Music - Spuncd038

Solar System is known for his unique & refreshing style comes out with an outstanding new album that represents the pinnacle of the new generation's accomplishments on none other than Spun Records.


Sonic Bloom Compiled By Mindstorm - Spuncd037

Mindstorm is back with a phat crop of freshly picked sonic produce. This summer’s bountiful harvest of juicy festival floor fillers will have you frolicking amidst the sunny party fields with your friends.


Ovnimoon Rec:



Psilocybian - Wry Fignments - OVNICD006

Psilocybian aka Saša Dukić presents his debut album packed with deep and cosmic party music fusing elements of progressive, psychedelic, goa and lots of magic.

All tracks written and produced by Saša Dukić except “Neon Noodle - Blue Eagle” Stjepan Vulinović & Saša Dukić  


Ovnimoon - Signals From The Surface - The Essential Collection - OVNICD005

Hector Stuardo is the legendary Ovnimoon from Chile presents a special essential collection of his most memorable tracks that till now were only available as the original versions.


The RETURN OF QUETZALCOATL -  v/a Compiled by Ovnimoon and Doctor Spook - OVNICD004

Through this audio message and transcendental trip through space, time and the inner realms of consciousness. We return to the ways of harmony, balance, peace and prosperity.


Goa Rec:


Bratex - Secrets Of Life


Brazilian native Bratex presents his debut full length album exploding forth from the festivals and dance floors of this leading country in Psychedelic Trance! 


Frost Raven - Thee Olde Ones


Taste the deep progressive, dirty electro, funky techno, hard psychedelic grooves, full on Goa and even 4x4 dubstep!


Electrypnose - Magnetic Memoirs


Electrypnose most memorable work ever released across his full range of dance floor styles including deep funky psy & hard night time grooves.  


Digital Drugs Coalition:


PsychoSomatic - v/a by Tricossoma


PsychoSomatic is Tricossoma’s new compilation featuring  11 previously unreleased hard hitting unrelenting mind boggling night psy smashers!


Meteor Burn – Stratosphere


Meteor Burn, Portuguese duo, Sérgio aka Meteor & Xano aka Burn who are burning a hole in the dance floor with their non stop mega masher bass lines and full throttle mentalities


Pathogenesis v/a by Wizack Twizack


13 gifted producers combine forces and sub-mental pseudo-pods to form a living creature out of their very dreams and collective unconsciously repressed emotions.


Geomagnetic Rec:


KINESIS  - Beyond The Galaxy


Powerful bass lines, melancholy and emotional melodies, phenomenal builds and dramatic surprises that leave the listener excited and hooked to the spacious chords that will definitely leave a lasting and positive impression great for repeat listening and dance floor memories!




Ovnimoon Rec:


Leenuz – Polyhymnia - OVNICD008

Born in Åre, Sweden in 1980. Leenuz is producing psytrance combining whispers of nature with the devastation of the beautiful Swedish forest.


Keep out an eye for the Mysteries of Psytrance 2CD compiled by Ovnimoon –


Digital Drugs Coalition:


Digital Drugs 6 - Battle Grid - v/a by Doctor Spook


Digital Drugs Coalition presents: Digital Drugs 6 featuring 11 previously unreleased hard hitting unrelenting mind boggling night psy smashers!


Lisbon Calling v/a by Dj Juggler & Digitalphase


Uplifting morning style yet full power psytrance hits from the leading Portuguese producers who are making the most waves in the worldwide scene!


Geomagnetic Rec:


Cortex - Spiritual Tonic


Cortex presents 10 previously unreleased full power bombastic psychedelic tunes. His 2nd album is packed with deep bass laden dance floor smashers with a style of high tech trance that will drive the people into a state of natural ecstasy.


Micro Scan - Yes We Scan


Micro Scan are back with their 2nd album, Frederic Kiszon & Sebastien Manson aka Kzymodo & Aloes from Paris, France are well known specialists in full-on morning geo.


Virtual Light - Illuminatrix –                              

Vaktun - Memories of Hidden Paradise -    

Tetuna - Crazy Trips –                                           

Meteor Burn - Cartoons –                                  

Jaws Underground –                                            





Spun Rec:


Last Men Standing - From Zero To Hero - Spuncd036

Fusion psychedelic electo techno Nyimo Nijman and Levin Karcher


End Game v/a Compiled by Kinesis - Spuncd035

Visionary Psytrance collection of more than 20 World Class  international artists


Soundaholix - Soundaholix Anonymous - Spuncd034

GMS + Earthling presents there ground breaking collaboration from Ibiza


Back 2 The Future v/a Compiled by Mindstorm and Hos - Spuncd033

Logic Bomb, Earthling, Shanti, Poli, Animalis & more, the true leaders of the future sound of psytrance!


Spun On Earth DVD/CD v/a Compiled, Mixed and Animated by Dr. Spook aka Mindstorm - Spuncd033

VJ Mix Magic SVJ-1. A SPUN FILLED VOYAGE OF THE EDGE OF REALITY AND BEYOND! 12 amazing 3D FX videos perfectly synched to the biggest hits! Each spectacular video abducts you on a SPUN filled journey into Dr. Spook's vivid and exotic  imagination set to a fusion of acid techno, deep tribal beats and progressive tunes known worldwide as “GOA” or “Psychedelic” Trance.


Ovnimoon Rec:


Montemapu Festival – v/a compiled by Ovnimoon - Ovnicd001-002

MONTEMAPU (Save the Earth)"Written in Mapudungun, language native to Chile, the Mapuche tribe or as named by the Spanish Araucanian " This name was founded with the purpose of raising awareness of the problem that exists right  now in the world.


Man Machine – Reintegrate - Ovnicd003

Miroslav aka ManMachine hailing from Serbia, the hot bed of cutting edge European dance music blasts forth the new hit release: Reintegrate, a true theme album uniquely blending progressive techno and deep psychedelic full-on trance.


Goa Rec:


TeTuna - Psychedelic Transition


Each track touches the listener’s heart and soul with the feeling of happy and care free times.


Goa Sun Vol. 1 - v/a Dr. Spook’s Goa-Psymix


This cross section of the planets best masters and new wizards of Full on Goa Trance and Progressive

Psychedelic Fullon


Goa Trance Visions Vol. 1 Night – DVD/CD VJ Mix by  Dr. Spook


11 new MIND-MENDING psychedelic 3D animated VJ music videos synched to the top Goa dance floor hits! All mixed together by GOA DOC aka Doctor Spook to create an instant trance party anywhere fast! Take a journey on this visionary mind expanding musical voyage. Brought to you by the top VJs on the planet from the award winning world famous team at Minds Eye Media in San Francisco  


Digital Drugs Coalition:


Meteor Swarm by Meteor Burn DIGICD017                   

DigiDelights by Mindstorm         DIGICD016                 

Digital Drugs 5: Mental Matrix   DIGICD015                 

Tripy – Shamanik Concept           DIGICD014                 

VirtualLight – LiveWireVooDoo DIGICD013                 


Geomagnetic Rec:


End Game by Kinesis SPUNCD035/GEOCD053                           

Mentalism by Monks of Madness PSYCD002/GEOCD052      

BioKinetix – i3D1                             MORPH109/GEOCD049        

Psychic Chakra II Family of the Phoenix GEOCD048A             

Psychic Chakra III Dreaming of the PhoenixGEOCD048b       


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