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Biokinetix - Trance4mate Disc 1 - Goarec028

Biokinetix - Trance4mate Disc 2 - Goarec028

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Label: Goa Records        
Catalogue: GOAREC028       
Format: 2-Panel JewelCase Audio 2CD          
Release:November 2012    


Disc 1
1 - Biokinetix - Ready To Transforme
2 - Biokinetix VS Shameless - Autobot
3 - Biokinetix - Optimus
4 - Biokinetix - Bumblebee Control (Remix)
5 - Biokinetix VS Braindriver - Ironhide Evil
6 - Biokinetix - Ratchet Addiction (Remix)
7 - Biokinetix - Bulkhead
8 - Biokinetix VS Ecologic - Ultra Magnus Style
9 - Biokinetix VS Mesmerizer - Jazz Forces (Remix)
10 - Biokinetix - Sideswipe On TV (Live mix)
11 – Ephederix - Prototype (Biokinetix Remix)

Disc 2 (Live)
1 - Intro
2 - Human shield
3 - Bumblebee Control remix
3 - Ultra Magnus Style
4 - Ironhide Evil
5 - Optimius
6 - The Gravity remix
7 - Black Sheep Technology
8 - Space Theory
9 - The Secret
10 - Action Reaction
11 - Daily Doses
12 – Incidious
13 - Twister remix


Goa records presents Biokinetix – Trance 4 Mate a massive 24 track compilation album in the form of 2 mega blasting CDs. Disc 1 serves up 11 advanced astro projections beamed in direct from his home planet of Psybertron. Never before released in this dimension prepare to re-configure your body into a non-stop dancing device. Disc 2 is the complete live set recorded on stage at Zagoa Festival Marocco 2012 festival complete with custom programing on all tracks plus live versions and remixes that are not available elsewhere. Fans of Biokinetix will freak out when you finally can enjoy this music that was locked away in secret vaults in-between his incredible live performances and tour dates. In total Biokinetix presents collaborations with more than 10 other top international touring artists including Mesmerizer, Ecologic, Shameless, Mind Storm, Brain Driver, D.N.I., Noize Hunter and more! Biokinetix is a household name in French full power Trance music. Now he boldly tranceformes into a gigantic robotic exotic quixotic limbotic electronic trip! Special fully articulated computer graphics and 3D designed elements by world famous French designer “Tmix”  and advanced 5Dimensional inter-planetary mastering will truly reserve this as a collector’s edition for all Goa and Trance fanatics.

Label Profile:

Goa Records is a label founded in 2006 based in California/USA. Focused on finding the very best of the worlds leading psy-trance and goa-trance hits and compiling these into a highly commercialized package suitable for mainstream distribution outlets. Expect a steady stream of high quality, cutting edge releases from this amazingly popular label.
W/P: Leborgne Fabrice
Mastered by: Biokinetix  Art by: Tmix
Distribution by Psyshop / Ingrooves
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