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Elgiva - Mysticism [ovnicd083]
Welcome to this tale of mysticism, magic and psychedelic wonder which has been woven out of space and time for Ovnimoon Records by Elgiva, the mind melding connection of two amazingly talented musicians. Born in 1983 in Krushevac, Serbia, Bojan Stojiljkovic (Ascent) and Milan Rakic (Sideeffected, Astral Sense) are two souls who have come together to create this Psy-Trance project with all their heart.    

Ren Toudu - Nemophilist [ovnicd082]
Ovnimoon Records presents the highly anticipated second full length ambient album of Ren Toudu called - Nemophilist! A Nemophilist is one who is fond of forests or forest scenery also a way of saying one is a hunter in the woods.
PAZ Vol. 2 By Ovnimoon & Itzadragon [ovnicd081]
Ovnimoon Records returns with style to the chill music field, presenting VA Paz Vol. 2, the second compilation under its “Paz” seal, which is Spanish for “Peace”. Ovnimoon joined an inspirational journey alongside Itzadragon for an absolute epic compilation of 160 minutes length.
Om - Viaje al Interior [ovnicd080]
Om aka Ovnimoon invites you all to take a journey to the interior of your minds and souls with his second full-length ambient album Vaije al Interior. Hector Stuardo is well known for his masterfully crafted progressive goa psytrance hits, with his project Om he takes a long step away from the beats and bpm’s.
Fruity Juices Compiled by Ovnimoon [ovnicd079]
Fruity Juices is the 79th CD release from Ovnimoon Records with 9 ground breaking and modern psychedelic progressive trance hits. Ovnimoon has brought together 11 amazingly talented super star producers who write music using the Digital Audio Workstation called Fruity Loops by Image Line.
Elegy - Inside [ovnicd078]
Ovnimoon Records is incredibly excited to present the second soul synching album from rising star of progressive psy trance from Italy, none other than Elegy aka Daniel Mair. This highly anticipated and eagerly awaited new exclusive full length offering opens the aperture wide to reveal the inner workings of reality.
Colors of Goa by Ovnimoon and Nova Fractal [ovnicd077] - (Ovnimoon Records / Timewarp)
Timewarp & Ovnimoon Records present a very special journey deep into the soul, projected forward to a distant past in the future that is now delivered by Sonic Goa Trance Wizards Ovnimoon & Nova Fractal! Transmuting your perceptions and uplifting your consciousness this finely tuned symphonic process creates a fantastic soundscape that evokes our historic Goa Trance style elements while fusing the best of today’s recent technological evolutions perfectly balancing the magical chords and progressions, sweeps and “arpeggiations”.
3 Access & You - Back to Trance [ovnicd076]
3 Access & You is the project of three Chilean artists Hector Stuardo (Ovnimoon Records / TesseracTstudio), Diego Varela (Solar / Nano Records) and Matias Prieto (The Loft / DJ School). Towards the end of 2012 they launched this new project 3A&U (3 Access & You), a name that invites the public to be a part of the music and part of the project they have created.
ovnicd075 - Psycho Abstract - Patterns in Evolution
It is with great pleasure and pride that Ovnimoon Records has this opportunity to present an incredible album from Spanish psytrance prodigy Psycho Abstract with his 3rd full length album “Patterns in Evolution”, his best and most moving work to date!
ovnicd074 - Heart of Goa by Ovnimoon
Ovnimoon Records celebrates their auspicious 74th CD release with a very special collection of the most inspiring and emotionally provocative sonic portals ever selected by Hector Ovnimoon under this legendary and prolific sub-label imprint.    

ovnicd073 - Trinodia
 - Astral Clouds
Ovnimoon Records invites you to “Goa” on a journey to another plane of existence for a visit with Trinodia at his home in the ASTRAL CLOUDS. We beckon you to enter our phantasmic realm of wonder and delight.

ovnicd072 - Liquid Rainbow - The Acid Sessions (Vol.3)
Ovnimoon Records presents a special chapter with this well-known world class touring live electronic-dub-rock trio Liquid Rainbow with the 3rd volume of their legendary series “The Acid Sessions”.    
ovnicd071 - PsiloCybian - Dreamtime
Ovnimoon Records takes you to the next level with Psilocybian’s 3rd full length and most epic and memorable album to date! Dreamtime is a deeply psychedelic acoustical portal that takes you deep into your subconscious with this lucid dream time adventure into the ethereal realms.

ovnicd070 - Solar Spectrum - Droplets From The Matrix 
Co-founder of the legendary psy/goa act Rastaliens and solo member of the extremely well established Braincell project, Ralph Freund continues to push the boundaries and discover new ways to enhance our lush and emotionally gripping new melodic mind mender that is sure to be the year’s biggest sensation. 

ovnicd069 - Transitions In Trance v2. VA by Ovnimoon 
Transitions in Trance Volume 2 is the newest release compiled by Ovnimoon, this time around with 21 songs on 2 cd’s. The concept that we offer in this record is based on the vision of our Chile / USA based label, to deliver many different styles on every release. 

ovnicd068 - Samas
 - Portal Pass
Experience the opening of the portal with this long awaited full length debut album from the Brazilian progressive psytrance prodigy known as Samas! After dazzling the international dance floors as Mind Paradise Caio “Baba” Leone Babadopulos transforms himself into his progressive psychedelic techno cosmic alter ego known recently as Samas.

ovnicd067 - Necton - Retrodelica
Ovnimoon Records is honoured to present a special album from pioneering psychedelic goa trance producer Necton. Like reading a great hand composed of ancient memories and futuristic dreams woven together by the intricate and invisible fabric known as the matrix of life, this transformational energy in the form of Vibrations literally Distorts Reality.

ovnicd066 - Ascent - Secret Place
Ovnimoon Records is exited to debut this album called Secret Place from a talented and special new label artist Ascent. Ascent is the psy/progressive solo project made by Bojan Stojiljkovic, born on 03.18.1987 from Krushevac, Serbia. 

Alchemix - Its A Story [ovnicd065]
Ovnimoon Records proudly presents the third full length release from Greek progressive psychedelic music prodigy and goa trance pioneer Alchemix, with a special anthology showcasing many of his most memorable productions.

Mundo Progresivo VA by Lupin [ovnicd064]
Presenting 19 solid fresh sonic journeys from 24 astounding producers combining forces to bring you the MUNDO PROGRESIVO. A holistic approach to progressive psychedelic goa trance formulated by world-renowned touring producer Lupin.

Ovnimoon - Tranceformation of the Mind [ovnicd063]
Hector Stuardo is the legendary Ovnimoon from Chile presenting his eleventh full length album! With many years of mastery now Hector can look deep within him and froma deep and hypnotic foundation present a truly epic concept that is important for everyone to understand. Each step in this 9 part experience performs a ritual function and empowers you during your active meditational dance.

Predators - Inverse Gravity  [ovnicd062]
the power of the Galaxy itself to manifest this exquisite 9 part examination covering the inner workings of the cosmological effect presenting “Inverse Gravity” the 3rd full length cosmic event from the Greek deep space explorers known as “Predators”.

Mysteries of Psytrance Volume 3 by Ovnimoon [ovnicd060]
Ovnimoon Records brings the world another amazing 20 track compilation. Mysteries of Psytrance Volume 3 continues the search to answer the millennial question of what is Psytrance! Tracks from many of our labels regular sonic wizards create a foundation for this cosmic escapade.

The Call Of Goa (2CD): by Nova Fractal [ovnicd058]
“The Call Of Goa”, a momentous retro-themed 2CD compiled by Nova Fractal. From the four quarters of the world the call is heard. The prophesied day is coming when the messengers of the skygods would come and reveal to the worthy the arcane secrets and mystical methods.

Amos – Lost In Sound [ovnicd057]
Ovnimoon Rec. proudly presents “Lost In Sound”, the long awaited debut full length album by world renown Psychedelic Dub and Psychill / Ambient producer Amos.The music is both mysterious and grounded, earthy, and envelops the listener into a musical fog. 

Rollercoaster - Genetic Freak [ovnicd056]
Ovnimoon Rec. proudly presents “Genetic Freak”, the long awaited debut full length musical adventure conceived and composed by world renowned Psychedelic Progressive Techno producer Rollercoaster from Chile. Genetic Freak is actually a natural anomaly that was obtained by adding genomes and spliced DNA from a series of highly motivated test subjects who were willing to participate in this mad scientist lab experiment gone horribly right!

Hotep - Transformation of Light [ovnicd055]     
“Transformation of Light”, the long awaited debut full length album by world renown Goa Psytrance producer Hotep aka Stjepan Hojan from Zagreb, Croatia. His musical vision speaks for itself. 

Good Vibes (2CD): by Pulsar & Ovnimoon [ovnicd054]      
Ovnimoon Records invites you to feel the GOOD VIBES. Pulsar and Ovnimoon present 20 perfectly picked progressive pumpers. Packed full of pleasure, Good vibes is a story about spring, life, and the experience of hope and abundance that that this time of the year brings us. The unlimited potential locked inside you is stirring and blossoming forthT

Chitoon - Tripped on Fizz [ovnicd053]
“Tripped on Fizz” is a long-awaited debut album produced by Chitoon. Twelve amazing, totally different in atmosphere, genre and style tracks will blow your mind and enrich your musical inner world. Inspiring down-tempo melodies lead you straight to dark psychedelic vibes. Positive dub goes side by side with energetic modern beats.

Elegy - Imaginarium [ovnicd052]
Ovnimoon Records has the distinct honor of presenting the rising star of progressive psy trance from Italy, none other than Elegy aka Daniel Mair. Every so often a new talent appears that somehow redefines the genre while staying true to the form that made it so great. 

Progressive Pathways (2CD): by Ovnimoon & Rigel - ovnicd050
this momentous 2CD compiled by Ovnimoon & Rigel. This stellar accomplishment reflects the quintessential progressive movements of the Moon and the Sun. Staying close to the theme throughout you will find a strong selection of all new exclusive and previously unreleased musical frequency keys artfully woven together with some of the labels most sought after hits.

Shake – Luv Simulation - ovnicd049
Ovnimoon Rec. proudly presents this amazing new achievement from the legendary creative mastermind and psy pioneer from Mexico known as Shake, bringing you his third full length release and his first all progressive psy trance album.
Man Machine - Spirit of the Machine: Best of Selections Anthology - ovnicd048
Man Machine has achieved a highly established reputation as the creator of a distinct and extremely refined signature sounding trance. This style of progressive and moody soundscapes captivates the ear and emotion of the dance floor and connoisseur alike.
Young Man on Acid V2 - VA by Pick OVNICD047
Welcome to Ovnimoon Records 47th cd release brought to you by the mind of Dj Pick, The Young Man On Acid v.2 brings a return to his special new style to the record label. If you take psytrance, progressive, minimal techno, tech-trance, Jazz, darkpsy, Dub, funk and lot of acid you will get music describable as the sound of this cd.
Beatfarmer - Mantra OVNICD046
Ovnimoon Records Proudly presents the long awaited debut CD of Beatfarmer with his innovative new album Mantra. Beatfarmer, aka Adam Wood, lives in the woods on a raw, west coast island where his homesteading lifestyle keeps him connected with the earth. 
Digital Yonkies - VA by Gesh - OVNICD045
Ovnimoon Records Proudly presents a special collaboration with the Digital Yonkis Records from Chile. Digital Yonkis have been pushing the edges of psychedelic goa trance and since the beginning have pledged full support for Ovnimoon Rec. 
Lemonchill - Buddhism - OVNICD044 (Downtempo Ambient Dub)
Ovnimoon Records Proudly presents the 6th full length album from Israeli down-tempo and progressive trance mastermind Lemonchill. With his new album titled: "Buddhism", Idan Or aka Lemonchill set his mind to bring new vibes and emotions. 
Storm Riders - VA by Mindstorm - OVNICD042 (2CD Exclusive Compilation)
Ovnimoon Records presents the long awaited 2CD special concept theme compilation: Storm Riders, selected by label co-manager and world renowned trance producer Mind Storm. Storm Riders tells a dramatic and poignant story in the form of 20 custom crafted audio scapes. Part 1 and 2 consists of 10 chapters each finally tuned to deliver a spine tingling message composed in the mysterious dance floor poetry of progressive psychedelic goa trance. 
Nova Fractal - Fractal Landscape - OVNICD041 (NeoGoa Psytrance Album)
Ovnimoon Records Proudly presents the debut full length album by Nova Fractal fresh from the Croatian European hot bed of astounding electronic dance music. This album is simultaneously a futuristic psychedelic trance voyage and a retro Goa trance adventure all in one. 
Maiia - Shakti - OVNICD040 (Psybient Downtempo Groove Album)
Ovnimoon Records is honoured and excited to have the amazing opportunity to present the second full length album from Russian musical goddess: Maiia. This pristine auditory excursion explores the magical realms of the inner energy conduits that interconnect the cosmos and all living creatures: Shakti! 
Alchemix - Brain In Action - OVNICD039 (PsyProgressive Trance Album)
Ovnimoon Records proudly presents this thematic voyage and concept album presented by world renowned progressive goa trance philosopher and sonic scientist, Greek psychedelic music prodigy and musical pioneer Alchemix, showcasing a whole new spectrum of concepts.. Prepare yourself for a trip into the mind with this creatively formulated experience that will take you to new reaches of your imagination and beyond!
Meller - Anthology 2012 - OVNICD038 (PsyTechProg 2012 Hits Album)
Ovnimoon Records proudly collaborates with leading progressive labels: Joof v2, Airsnare, Per-vurt and Pitchbend to present the long awaited full length Anthology 2012 album from the highly experienced veteran producers from Germany: Meller.
Aural Expansion - VA by Ovnimoon - OVNICD036-037 (2 CD’s Psychedelic Trance)
2 massive cd’s containing 20 Psychedelic Trance masterpieces. Including tracks from Ovnimoon Records regulars and many new friends whose music fits the growing story of the label.
Ovnimoon - Holographic Remixes - OVNICD034-035 (2 CD's PsyProgressive Remix Album)
One of the true pioneers and representatives for heartfelt melodic progressive goa psytrance, Ovnimoon joyfully presents this special edition 2CD remix album packed to the hilt with shining gems and finely polished treasures.
ProgressiveTextures - VA by Ovnimoon - OVNICD032-033 (2 CD’s PsyProgressive Trance)
Ovnimoon presents twenty well-chosen and compiled progressive trance masterpieces produced by successful trance artist along with the newest rising progressive stars from all around our planet.
Lupin - Espacio de Mezclas - OVNICD031 (PsyProgressive Remix Album)
Lupin presents a special remix album that containing tracks from Zyce & Flegma, Inner State, Suntree, Ovnimoon and more, reworked with Lupin's sound imprint.
Chile Psytrance Volume 2 - VA by Ovnimoon - OVNICD030 (Psychedelic Trance)
Ovnimoon records offers a journey born in this corner of the world, a beautiful land that not many know, a cosmic Psytrance journey from a country named Chile.
Voxel9 - Beyond - OVNICD029 (Ambient)
Voxel9 aka Trinodia aka Daniel Eldström presents an album made for the ambient chill out world.  A special 2 part album that begins its voyage BEYOND with a deep and meditational night timejourney into the inner regions of your mind and soul.
Barby - Infiltrator - OVNICD028 (Goa Psy Trance)
Ovnimoon Records presents the eagerly anticipated debut full length album from Barby the electronic music project of Chilean composer Ignacio Barbagelata. After the successful release of his 2 digital EP’s on Ovnimoon Records called “Scytodes” and “Titan” we present “Infiltrator” containing 10 original songs of Psy-Goa-Trance with dark progressive vibes full of hypnotic sci-fi landscapes and atmospheres.
Ren Toudu - Intangible - OVNICD027 (Ambient)
Ovnimoon Records presents and ambient meditative relaxation album of Ren Toudu called – Intangible! Ren Toudu is the energy compelling you to relax... To enjoy this one true ever changing moment.  Ren Toudu is Eki Jokisalo, aka Sienis born the year 1981 in the southern parts of Stockholm, Sweden.
Side Winder - Faith - OVNICD026
Side Winder is the hot new act from Serbia making giant waves in a short time. His world tour is in progress supporting the release of this massive debut album proudly presented on Ovnimoon records. Already signed and active in the digital world, Side Winder’s latest EP on the Illustrious and respected JOOF records was featured on the front page of Beatport’s heavily viewed Trance Genre category and achieved high chart status as well as being one of the top artists on the JOOF rec charts.
Alchemix - The Visions Begin - OVNICD025
Ovnimoon Records proudly presents Alchemix first full length release from Greek progressive psychedelic music prodigy and musical pioneer showcasing many of his most memorable productions. Since the dawn of time and the beginning of discovered history mankind has been driven by visions. These visions incarnate become reality by concentrated will power and active participation in the dream forming it into our consensual universe. Prepare yourself for a trip into the mind with this creatively formulated experience that will take you to new reaches of your imagination and beyond!
Trinodia - Star Gazing - OVNICD024
Ovnimoon Records welcomes Trinodia aka Daniel Eldström to our label with a presentation of his newest full length album titled “Stargazing”. From track one through to track eight the listener will be shocked and amazed to hear such artistic and perfectly crafted old school style Goa trance music made with completely modern production quality. The album gets capped off with track nine giving a taste from his down-tempo chill-out side project Voxel9.
Mysteries of Psytrance volume 2 (2CD) -  v/a compiled by Ovnimoon - Ovnicd022-23
Ovnimoon Records brings the world another amazing 20 track compilation. Volume 2 continues the search to answer the millennial question of what is Psytrance! Hector Stuardo aka Ovnimoon is the world known trance producer and seminal DJ extraordinaire. Hector digs deep into his magic stash of fresh new and unreleased tracks to present a showcase of the latest magnificent selections from the world’s leading talent and even some as yet undiscovered gems!
VA Feelings brings together top shelf progressive and emotional trance with a deep groove for creating beautiful moments of audio bliss on dance floors around the globe.
If you take psytrance, progressive, minimal techno, techtrance, Jazz, darkpsy, Dub, funk and lot of acid you will get music describable as the sound of this cd. YMOA brings us the groovier side of psytrance compiled by George Pick.
O.M. aka Ovnimoon is the legendary Hector Stuardo from Chile presenting his first full length ambient album!   Hector has channeled a whole new level of classic low frequency space drone ambient music for Altona.
VA. PAZ - Compiled by Ovnimoon - OVNICD018
The 18th release is in the form of an Ambient Chill Out Compilation titled PAZ or “peace”. Groovy lounge ready chill, danceable but relaxing melodic beach vibe styled musical journeys.
VA. TRANSITIONS IN TRANCE - Compiled by Ovnimoon - OVNICD017
Transition in Trance is the newest compilation compiled by Ovnimoon based on the philosophy of this Chile / USA based label. The new concept that we offer in this record is to deliver different styles of music on one disc of psytrance.
Via Axis - Expression of One - OVNICD016
Expressions of One is the debut album of Brazilian Psychedelic Trance producer Rafael Corrales. Ovnimoon records brings you this blasting personal musical journey.
Frost RAVEN - Far Away From Home - OVNICD015
Frost Raven is San Francisco based music producer, Dustin Musser. His music is magical, mysterious, and full of danger. For Ovnimoon Records his 4th Album will take the listeners Far Away From Home.
Ovnimoon - Magnetic Portal - OVNICD014
Presenting the new album with 8 all new phenomenal tracks and 1 blasting remix from International psy-progressive master Ovnimoon!!!
Predators - Radio Telescope - OVNICD013
PREDATORS is a Greek based project of Andreas and Stavros (aka Dj Dr.Insekt) Kamenidis.  Here now is their 2nd Album named ‘RADIO TELESCOPE’
Cosmos Vibration - Unknown Universe - OVNICD012
Cosmos Vibration is a project of Alejo Galvan from Argentina, his style goes from groovy bases with trippy melodies, psychedelic sounds and solid percussions to experiment a fluid journey into the abstract dimension and inviting the cosmic dance…
Wizack Twizack  - IV - OVNICD011
Wizack Twizack and Ovnimoon Records Presents IV. This exclusive new studio album takes us to dimensions far beyond what folks come to expect. Surprising us with a deep GOA TRANCE influenced emotion infused metaphysical odyssey this master of Psychedelic.
Rigel - Spaceware - OVNICD010
Spaceware is the debut album of Greek Psy-Artist: Rigel. Shining with approximately 40,000 times the luminosity of our Sun, Rigel is the brightest star in our local region of the Milky Way and the eponym of Greek psy-prodigy Vasili.
Leenuz - Polyhymnia - OVNICD009
Born in Åre, Sweden in 1980. Leenuz is producing psytrance combining whispers of nature with the devastation of the beautiful Swedish forest.
Mysteries of Psytrance 2CD - v/a compiled by Ovnimoon - Ovnicd007-08
Ovnimoon is back with a full power 20 track compilation that seeks to answer the millennial question of what is Psytrance! Hector Stuardo aka the world known trance producer and seminal DJ extraordinaire digs deep into his magic stash of fresh new unreleased tracks to present a fine showcase of the latest magnificent selections from the world’s leading talent and even some as yet undiscovered gems!
Psilocybian - Wry Fignments - OVNICD006
Psilocybian aka Saša Dukić presents his debut album packed with deep and cosmic party music fusing elements of progressive, psychedelic, goa and lots of magic.
Ovnimoon - Signals From The Surface - The Essential Collection - OVNICD005
Hector Stuardo is the legendary Ovnimoon from Chile presents a special essential collection of his most memorable tracks that till now were only available as the original versions.
The RETURN OF QUETZALCOATL - v/a Compiled by Ovnimoon and Doctor Spook - OVNICD004
Through this audio message and transcendental trip through space, time and the inner realms of consciousness. We return to the ways of harmony, balance, peace and prosperity.
Man Machine - Reintegrate - Ovnicd003
Miroslav aka ManMachine hailing from Serbia, the hot bed of cutting edge European dance music blasts forth the new hit release: Reintegrate, a true theme album uniquely blending progressive techno and deep psychedelic full-on trance.
Montemapu Festival - v/a compiled by Ovnimoon - Ovnicd001-002
MONTEMAPU (Save the Earth)"Written in Mapudungun, language native to Chile, the Mapuche tribe or as named by the Spanish Araucanian " This name was founded with the purpose of raising awareness of the problem that exists right  now in the world.
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