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Smoke Sign - Mayan Blood
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Smoke Sign - Mayan Blood pwrcd006  

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Title: Mayan Blood   
Artist: Smoke Sign   
Label: Power House Records        
Catalogue: Pwrcd006         
Format:           Jewel Case 2 panel CD      
Barcode: 881034110299   
Release: Nov 2012  

01 - Smoke Sign - Mayan Blood
02 - Funky Dragon - Who's There (Smoke Sign & Solarix Remix)
03 - Smoke Sign - Come Out and Play
04 - Flowjob - Raveheart (Smoke Sign Remix)
05 - Smoke Sign - Before The 3 Suns (Urban Shaman Remix)
06 - Prahlad - Shantified (Smoke Sign Remix)
07 - Smoke Sign - Out Of Body
08 - Smoke Sign - Orbital Days
09 - Smoke Sign - The Dreaming (Random Remix)
10 - Smoke Sign - Dazed Goodbye (Harmless Prankster Remix)


Geomagnetic, Ovnimoon Records and Power House join forces to present Smoke Sign - Mayan Blood, a special anthology album prequel to his all new “debut” album coming soon on Zenon Records. This feature length compendium represents the initial visions and transcendent channellings manifested as the foundation platform launching the now world famous Smoke Sign Project. Featuring all his biggest hit tracks and remixes including collaborations with Funky Dragon, Solarix, Flowjob, Urban Shaman, Prahlad, Random and Harmless Prankster! Smoke Sign is the main project of 27 year old Oregon based producer Krysalis Moon (Kris Mosher). Born in Guatemala in 1985, Kris was saved from death when he was adopted & brought to America. From a very early age he was enamored with music (originally trained as a lead vocalist) & has a rich musical background thanks to his family. His journey with electronic music did not begin until he started organizing underground dance events in 2006, but by 2009 he had fallen so deeply in love with dance music that he started on the road of creation. For the next two years Kris poured hours & hours into production, obsessively digging into Cubase until Smoke Sign was born. Smoke Sign has an eclectic yet specific sound, pulling from both the ancient & modern worlds to weave audible magic. His conjurations are a fusion of many genres and media sources, combining elements of psytrance, house, techno, downtempo, world music & captivating vocals into his signature story telling style. Staying true to his deep love for the music of other artists, Smoke Sign has collaborated with & remixed for many artists all over the world, including: Captain Hook (Iboga Records), Flowjob (Iboga Records), Funky Dragon (Iono Music), Tetrameth (Zenon Records/Weapon Records), Brujo's Bowl (Zenon Records/Triple Drop Productions), Kalya Scintilla (Enigmatik Records), Hedflux (Broken Robot Records), Merkaba (Zenon Records), and many more.

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W & P : Kris Mosher
Mastering : Sergio Chaves
© 2012 Power House Records,
Distribution by Psyshop & Geomagnetic Distribution 

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