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Friday, April 20th 2007
HIGHWAY 420 / $20
San Francisco, CA


It’s that time once again loyal members of the society… The time we all know as:

~~[>> 4|20 <<]~~

 A grand and wondrous 7th annual magical occasion for you have we conspired to present. A fresh medicine, a balm for your woes, an antidote for your busy lives all wrapped into a tasty prescription that will last all night and in your memories till beyond time. The Doctors duo have drawn from the well of inspiration once again to provide a truly unique and custom elixir.

For the first time ever we will gather at this new and somewhat super secret location. A place of such marvelous debauchery and medicinal mayhem can be had all night with no ramifications other than your utter exhaustion once the smoke clears. YES! A special indoor local San Francisco spot that will soon be legendary after we debut its existence on our most revered and sacred days of the year.

For your dancing pleasure, a truly world class dose of powerful medicinal music from both far and near, down under and beyond.

MR PECULIAR – (Australia, Sonic Dragon) NEW CD!
Mr Peculiar is one of the best kept secrets of the international trance music movement. His last visit here was some several years ago so we are due for a visit. We welcome him on the eve of the release of his new album, chock full of phat dance floor fillers and mind warping adventures that we all have come to expect from this musical genius. So get ready to dance like a kangaroo and through your shrimps on our Barbie while this legend of the outback throttles you silly till the sunrises!

HYPERCEPTION – (Australia, TIP) [MrP + Dj Auricle]
"Hyperception" is Dustin Saalfield (Mr Peculiar) and Minja Thomas (Auricle) from Melbourne,
Australia. They formed in 2004 and have been collaborating on a number of projects including computer generated art, visual animation and above all mainly focusing their energies towards psychedelic music production. Dustin has been in writing music since 1989 and has released tracks on a multitude of compilations from various labels worldwide and released 3 albums to date as "Mr Peculiar".  Minja has been involved in psychedelic trance since 2000 and has played both internationally and Australia wide. Their combined talents have created a unique sound and style best described as energetic, melodic, Fullon morning psytrance perfectly suited to the atmosphere of outdoor festivals. They will be releasing their first track on TIP records later this year and are currently nearing the completion of their debut album to be released in 2007 coinciding with a year long tour through Asia and Europe. Keep a look out for this upcoming dynamic duo as they are sure to be the next big act rockin' dance floors worldwide.

DJ AURICLE – (Australia, Hyperception) (see info above)

META (Santa Cruz, Geo-Darkstar) [Dj Aeon] NEW CD!
Come witness the spectacle of this RAW Talented freak! His superb compositions have thrilled EVERY dancefloor to date! Not one soul won-t be stirred, not one bosom wont be flexed, your hips will gyrate in geosynchronous orbit with the fat Basslines that pump through you during this madman’s most wondrous throw-down.  Enjoy a freshly mastered album worth of new material as he debuts the epic CD he has so tirelessy strived to perfect these long years. To reward your support and dancefloor wildness he will toss in several fresh new tracks that no one has EVER heard, just for this event.

MEGADROP (San Francisco, Geo-Morningstar) [Random + Helios]
MegaDrop is Helios (Raphael Pepi) & Random (Ross Dubois) from San Francisco, Ca USA . Infusing the pair's individual styles, togethor they form the psychoacoustic duo MegaDrop. Mixing elements of funk, acid techno and electro groves MegaDrop ignites the dance floor with mega trance blasters with attitude! Driving Baselines are skillfully woven with dramatic ambiences and grooving percussion to fully immerse the listener in sound waves of Full On Melodic Bliss.

WICHDOKTA (NorCal, Geo/Full/Family)
The Wichdokta began DJing in '96 and formed the FULL CIRCLE COLLECTIVE in Mendo, Nothern Cali. In '97 he began throwing the infamous gathering called "GEMINI" that was held on the majestic Eel River. In '2000 he met up with Dr. Spook and created the loving PHOENIX FAMILY COLLECTIVE. He also runs the sound company FULL CIRCLE PRODUCTIONS. As a promoter and gathering thrower, he knows what gets the people going. The Wichdokta's sets are something of a spectical to witness, his amazing energy and sinister music go hand in hand to give you the ride of your life on the dancefloor. Hailed as one of the top DJ'S in San Fran-psycho, he has played with the best in industry; Neuromotor, Rastaliens, Alien Project, Mr. Peculiar, Miraculix, Lemurians, Devient Species, Scorb, CPU, Sirius Issness, Earthling, Xenomorph,Highko and many many more. " I like it Harder, Darker, and more Psychedelic"...Wichdokta

DOCTOR SPOOK (San Fran, Geomayhem)
Dr. Spook delivers a new visual DVD called VMX1-Phantasmagoria packed with dazzling visuals and tightly mixed beats. Releasing dancefloor favorites from his label GEOMAGNETIC is the call of the day and he will deliver the cream of the crop of new hits moments from their release date. Prepare your mind to be mended and your legs to get wobbly after fulfilling your prescription of pleasure from the good doctor himself.

SATURNIA (San Mateo, Phoenix Family)
This Goddess of the full on sound will deliver a finely mixed blend of super blasters while giving you the melodic fluff you all deserve and desire. She excels at maintaining a delicate yet delicious psychedelic slice of cream goodness and juice laden uplifting treats. So get hear early to indulge in the scrumptious surprises that await you.

UNISON  (Debut Dj Set!!!)
This guy has been really preparing a totally specific and perfect moment for your excited anticipation. The goods shall be delivered in style with a pure heart and open mind. This big daddy of love cant wait to perform for us as he has fine tuned his style to perfection.

And we have more! Some amazing decorations, visualizations, transformations, astralisations, permutations, libations, stoney-nations and purifications. Your positive dance floor participation and lots of great physical gyrations shall be your required donations. To All Guests who commit to the full door fee will receive a full copy of one of the celebrated cds of the evening: Highway 420, Meta: Ektstasis, and more…

Sacred Space Environments: (Mind Alters / Tao Deco /
Full Visual Immersion: (Debuting new DVD “VMX1”) + Hyperception
Acoustic Reinforcement: Full Circle Sound (with some new toys to play with)
WebLocation for Directions:

Time Portal Synchronization:
11pm Unison
11:55 Saturnia
12:50am MEGADROP "Live"
1:45am META "Live"
2:40am Wichdokta
3:30am Dr.Spook
4:20am Mr Peculiar and DJ Auricle aka HYPERCEPTION

Also… coming up May 19th in San Francisco an 11p-7am 2 room Super Psychedelic Extravaganza with WATERJUICE, CALDERA, ANDROCELL and more plus full psy line up more info soon... on   Limited Presale Tickets go on sale soon ($20, $25 at the Door)